Caskets and Urns

Our funeral home provides casket and cremation urn selections to you at a considerable savings. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars under our competitors. It is our intent to provide you the opportunity to make a selection that is honorable and respectful but still affordable to your budget. Our service packages for burial present a variety of caskets, 13 in all.

Be it domestic or imported, metal or wood, It is our sincere desire to provide you a selection to show you we care and hope you feel at ease in selecting a casket or urn that is both suitable and presentable to the memories of your loved one. 

Casket Store

At Avenidas Cremation & Burial, we "DO" sell caskets to the general public and will delivery to any location in the greater Phoenix area at a nominal delivery charge, even though we are not a casket store. We take pride in our selection of very affordable caskets brought to you by PBF manufacturing and Sunset Caskets, our exclusive providers. We offer the utmost in dignified, elegant and graceful caskets that are comforting to the touch at a very affordable price. Remember, no funeral home can reject the delivery of a casket from an outside provider.

We guarantee the lower price opportunity to you, not only in caskets, but in everything we do. 

Consider starting with our 20ga. steel non-protective as a very affordable selection with a dignified look. Mention finding it on our website and receive an additional 5% off the listed price of the casket selected.


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Bronze, Copper, & Stainless Steel
18 Gauge Steel
20 Gauge Steel
20 Gauge Steel
Wood Caskets Cremation Caskets
Cloth Covered Caskets Adult Oversized
Metal and Wood
Guaranteed lower price
Youth & Young Adult

Urns & Cremation Jewelry

Urns & Jewelry Jewelry 2 Youth & Young Adult

Avenidas Funeral Chapel will never deny a family the option of purchasing a casket or urn from an outside casket provider. We will graciously accept any outside casket delivery to our funeral home with no handling charges or fees.

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